Workshop at PerfImmaterial festival


Photo by Aapo Korkeaoja

Workshop at the PerfImmaterial Performing ArtsFestival at Korkeaoja 02.09.2017. Invitation to be the village idiot / genius

Village idiot is a person whose appearance, interests and the way of life differs from the current social norms and have made that person the focus of local interest and stories. The position of the village idiot is produced socially. Despite the term, village idiocy as a phenomenom does not exist only in villages or in countryside. (Wikipedia)

At the Immaterial festival in Korkeaoja village, Pirskanen aka Theodora Rex together with festival participants created village idiot / genius characters who placed themselves into the landscape. The concept of the village idiot / genius here does not comment on mental health, but invites to examine everyday conformity and norms. Via the village idiot /genius, one can reflect on what is considered normal and allowed, step beyond stereotypes and find new aesthetic values and ways of being.



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