Film and video works


A World of difference03A film about becoming visible, about gender and bravery. Three young adults discuss how it feels when your body does not match your gender and how the possibility to become yourself opens up a life.

Director: Jaana Pirskanen (2015)
Director of phography: Sini Liimatainen
Editor: Azar Saiyar
Dramaturge: Azar Saiyar
Recording of interviews: Jukka Vallisto
Sounds: Tuukka Haapakorpi
Visual Effects: Joonas Kiviharju
Animation: Heli Ellis
Credits: Karoliina Knuuti

Duration 23 minutes.

Taiteen edistämiskeskus
Amnesty international

Elokuva näkyväksi tulemisesta, sukupuolesta ja rohkeudesta. Kolme nuorta aikuista kertoo miltä tuntuu, kun keho ei vastaa omaa kokemusta sukupuolesta ja kuinka mahdollisuus itseksi tulemiseen avaa uuden elämän.


Vinokino, Helsinki November 20th 2016
Vinokino, Turku October 26th 2016
Vinokino, Oulu December 11th 2016
VASTAAN + OTTO Triennial of the Community Arts, Turku June 5th 2016
Family frienly films F4 fest February 2016
Tampere Human Rights Film Festival November 26th 2015
Fringe! Queer Film and Art fest, London, November 29th 2015
Argumenttityöpaja, Amnesty Finland November 18th 2015
Västerås Fimfestival November 2015
HOMOTOPIA exhibition, Honk Kong , October 20th 2015
Sukupuoli, lapset ja perhe seminaari October 5th 2015
OMA centre, Tallinn, Estonia, September 9 2015
flEXif experimental film festival, Sydney, 18-20 September 2015
Auburn International Festival for Children and Young Adults, Sydney, September 14th 2015.
PAC festival, Brazil, August 2015
Orion, elokuva-arkisto, Helsinki Pride 26.6.2015
Doc Lounge, Turku 7.3.2015



Rondo is an experimental short film shot on 8mm film that contains no dialogue and is based on a circular structure. The film attempts to describe a state of mind of a person in between events, experiencing change. The actions of the performers reveal very little of their personality, and the plot is rather a reference to the basic epic plot structure than a narrative. The music of the film plays an important role, approaching the content of the film hand in hand with the cinematography.

Rondo was first exhibited as a video installation. The film has then been screened world-widely in numerous film festivals, including Cannes Film Festival’s Cinéfondation in 2007.

Directing & Script: Marja Viitahuhta (former Mikkonen) (2006)
Cinematography: Sini Liimatainen
Actors: Jaana Pirskanen and Hermanni Yli-Tepsa
Edit: Hannele Majaniemi
Sound design: Sakari Luhtala
Scenography: Tuomo Truhponen
Music: Taneli Viitahuhta (former Tuominen), Hermanni Yli-Tepsa and Robin Ellis
Production: Marja Viitahuhta / Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
Production fund: AVEK
Distribution support: Finnish Film Foundation SES



Mitä on intersukupuolisuus (is)? Millaista on elämä intersukupuolisena? Miten is-lapsia hoidetaan Suomessa? Intersukupuolinen Terhi Viikki keskustelee dokumentin työryhmän kanssa omista kokemuksistaan ja ajatuksistaan intersukupuolisuudesta.

Ohjaus: Jaana Pirskanen (2006)
Keskustelemassa: Terhi Viikki, Jaana Pirskanen, Azar Saiyar, Jukka Vallisto ja Joonas Kiviharju
Kuvaus: Sini Liimatainen
Leikkaus: Azar Saiyar
Äänisuunnittelu: Jukka vallisto
Äänitys: Joonas Kiviharju ja Sakari Luhtala
Musiikki: Terhi Viikki


The film has been part of a Human rights advocacy organisation SETA’s education material from 2006.
Tampere Film Festival, 2012.
TransHelsinki, Helsinki 2012.
Minnan päivät, Kuopio, 2010.
LadyFest, Tampere, 2008.
TransHelsinki, Helsinki 2005.





Sourced from blank video tapes and detuned television broadcasts, this piece explores the possibilities of old analogue equipment, soon to be declared obsolete as the global marketing systems push forward the digital “revolution” in visual entertainment, combined with computer technology. Simple magnetic phenomena and television signal disturbances are used to create a stream of abstract visuals, in turns hectic, serene, unsettling and violent. In them, reflections of “real world” events can be seen (the monotony of driving in a car, a thick blanket of rain or snowfall, the defocused headlights of night time traffic in a film).

The piece exists in two versions where the visual part is identical, but the soundtracks are very different. With them, different relationships and contrasts between the visual and aural parts of the piece are explored. With version one, the main aim was to keep/ make most of the audio material “organic” in quality, indirectly referring to events, objects or sounds, real or imagined, harnessing their power to unsettle, elate and trigger memories and feelings.

The second version explores the idea of noise as source material. Just as the source of the visual material can be deemed “noise“, undesirable interference to avoid or discard rather than focus on, the sound of the second version was sculpted completely out of audio noise, often deemed unpleasant, unnecessary, “non-sound“.

Digital editing by Jaana Pirskanen. (2001)
Analogue camera by Jukka Vallisto.
Music by Lost Weight.
12 mins 27 sec


Included in Lost Weight cd Timber Kisses’ in September 2003.
Screened at Exploding Cinema’ in London, in April 2002.
Screened at Oudot Kuviot’ -festival in Outokumpu in March 2002.
Exhibition at Quicksilver Campus in London, in January 2002.
FutureSonic01  -festival in conjunction with a concert by Lost Weight in Manchester, in November 2001.
Screened in conjunction with a concert by Lost Weight at the Gloria Theatre in Helsinki, Finland, in September 2001.


A movement-based short film, re-edited version in June 2001.

Dance, camera and editing: Jaana Pirskanen

Music: Lost Weight

Exploding Cinema, London, 2002.
Oudot Kuviot -festival, Outokumpu, Finland 2002.
Sonic Art -rexhibition,Quicksilver-gallery, London, 2002.
Dancefilmforum, London, 2002.
Lost Weight -consert, FutureSonic01 -festival, Manchester, 2001.
Global Warning -exhibition, Guildhall University, London, 2001.
Amorph!01-festival, Helsinki, 2001.
Human Form -exhibition, Helsinki, 2001.



Video installation. Created by Jaana Pirskanen, September 2003


La Bas -festivaaleilla in Oulu 28th March 2004.
Taidehalli cafe in Helsinki on 6th March 2004.
Screened at ‘Rum i Rörelse’ seminar organised by Moderna Museets Vänner ‘, in Stocholm
on January 2004.



an animation using pixellation technique. Animation: Jaana Pirskanen, Music: Jukka Vallisto, July 2002


Short film exhibition, Definetely Red at Custard Factory at Birmingham in March 2004.
Screened at 2003, 8th, 24th, 29th April, 17th, 25th May, 15th June, 6th and 31st of
July, 27th August, 8th October and 6th of January 2004.
Curzon Soho cinema, in London, as part of the EMERGEANDSEE – festival, also was touring with EMERGEANDSEE (fe. in City Screen in York, Cambridge Picture House,Clapham Picture House, Newcastle, Brighton and Berlin during Autum and winter and 2003, and was included to EMERGEANDSEE compilation dvd.
Slightly Shady in the Ritzy café in London, in October 2002.



a silent film potraying shapes of a male body. August 2002.


The Center of Contemporary Art at Wroclaw in Poland at May 28th 2004.
FF-media festival in Rovaniemi, Finland 2.- 6.4.2003 and included to FF-media
festival compilation dvd.


an exploration of movement in nature documents. Plundering of source material: Jukka Vallisto, editing: Jaana Pirskanen. August 2001.


Exploding Cinema in London in April 2002.
The ‘FutureSonic01’ festival in conjunction with a concert by Lost Weight in Manchester, in November 2001.
Screened in conjunction with a concert by Lost Weight at the Gloria Theatre in Helsinki,
Finland, in September 2001.






A movent based short film. (2001)

Director – Izaskum Escandor

Movement and text – Jaana Pirskanen

Editing – Izaskum Escandor and Jaana Pirskanen


The first prize in Vivid film society’s ‘’ -short film competition in Finland in January 2002.

Screened at the ‘Emerge and see’ -festival at Curzon Soho theatre in December 2001.

Part of a solo exhibition “Human form” at the Esplanade Stage in Helsinki, Finland, in

September 2001.



A movement-based short film with elderly dancers. (2001)

Direction, camera, choreography and editing – Jaana Pirskanen

Remixing of music Jukka Vallisto




A short film about masculinity. (2000)

Script, performance and editing – Jaana Pirskanen & Laurie Schram,

Camera – Kaisa Lassinaro.

Part of a solo exhibition “Human form” at the Esplanade Stage in Helsinki, Finland, in

September 2001.